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Keukenhof 2018

Queen Flowerbulbs at Keukenhof

At Keukenhof you’ll find two Flowerbulb shops with beautiful gardens from Queen Flowerbulbs! Our enthusiastic and expert sales team is available to help you every day at the Keukenhof, and can tell you everything you need to know about flower bulbs as well as advise you on the purchase of your bulbs. Just like in our online store, there’s something for everyone at our flower bulb shop at the Keukenhof, including a wide selection of Amaryllis, which you can purchase and take home with you on the day. You can find a shop close to the Oranje-Nassaupaviljoen and a shop close to the Willem-Alexander Pavilion.

Theme Keukenhof spring 2018

Keukenhof will be open every day from 22 March 2018 - 13 May 2018. The Keukenhof theme of 2018 is "Romance in Flowers". According to Keukenhof, romance and flowers are inextricably linked, after all. Visit Keukenhof and enjoy the romantic spring atmosphere! Visit the rose show, which is bigger than ever with the red rose as the shining center: the symbol of true love. The entire park is dominated by the theme Romance in Flowers. You can admire the romantic tulip garden, Cupid Garden and Love Paradise. Don’t miss this year's beautiful mosaic: 50,000 flower bulbs planted in two layers with a total surface area of 250m2, of course completely in keeping with the theme!

The history of Keukenhof

In 1949 a group of 20 flower bulb exporters came up with a plan to use the estate for a permanent exhibition of spring-flowering bulbs, signalling the birth of Keukenhof as a spring park. The park opened its gates tot he public in 1950 and was an instant success, with 236,000 visitors in the first year alone.