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Daffodil Sir Winston Churchill

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Delivery: september/october


Pure Quality

Large assortment
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100% Flowering Guarantee
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10 pieces per package
Order now, shipment from September.
Care and planting instructions
16-20 inch
3-5 inch
4-5 inch


Narcissus Sir Winston Churchill is an award-winning daffodil, which is named after the British prime minister. The flowers feature multiple petals in creamy-white colour with a yellow centre. Every stem produces 3-4 flowers creating a bouquet of its own! This narcissus is not only incredibly beautiful, it also has a wonderful fragrance! This variety belongs to the Double Narcissus group, which features lovely frills and twice as more petals or trumpets (in rare cases – both). The flowers can be planted in the flowerbed, containers, at the borders, in the parks and used in a bouquet or in an arrangement. The bulbs are weather-resistant, they do not require any special care and can quickly multiply for many years to come. Daffodils are also deer and rabbit resistant. Greek mythology says that there were handsome young men and beautiful young women, who were obsessed with admiring their own beauty that their personalities turned out to be very self-centered and narcissistic. As a result, the gods transformed them into the beautiful narcissus flowers.

Additional Info

Planting distance 3-5 inch
Cut flower Yes
Naturalizing Yes
per package 10 pieces
Suited for Container No
Flowering height 16-20 inch
Planting depth 4-5 inch
Bulb type Double
Scented Yes
Deer and rodent proof Yes
type Narcissus
Color White
Flower period April
Avalaible From June till September
Delivery period September/October


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