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Buying triteleia

Buy premium quality triteleia bulbs from Queen Flowerbulbs and enjoy the splendid variety of triteleia bulbs that we offer in many different colours all summer long. Queen Flowerbulbs sells only the best quality triteleia bulbs. Our professionals check all triteleia bulbs for quality and size. This quality is monitored throughout the packaging process so that we can guarantee the quality right up to the time we deliver the triteleia bulbs to your door. Each triteleia bulb is kept in our climate-controlled cells under the best conditions. This way you always buy the best quality triteleia bulbs.

Ordering triteleia bulbs

Order your triteleia bulbs quickly, easily and safely from Queen Flowerbulbs. You can order triteleia bulbs now or add them to your wish list and the triteleia bulbs will be delivered to your door from March to May.

More about the triteleia

Triteleias flower profusely and will thrive in your garden. Triteleias are also good for naturalising. As they have a great vase life, you can even enjoy these star-shaped flowers indoors.

Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof

Together with parent company Tuberbulb, Queen Flowerbulbs is the main supplier of Keukenhof. Each year we deliver tens of thousands of flower bulbs to Keukenhof, where they are planted in our own garden there. Here you’ll find our flower shop, where you can order a wide variety of flower bulbs and buy amaryllis bulbs to take home on the same day. Our enthusiastic and expert sales team is available to advise you on buying triteleia bulbs and many other types of bulbs and tubers. The Keukenhof is not open for long enough to show you our triteleias, but should this be possible in the future, we will be more than pleased to present you our best and most beautiful triteleias.